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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can house a multitude of allergens, dirt, bacteria, microbes and even tiny critters and it is important to clean them deeply and thoroughly every so often to reduce the risk of health effects and to feel comfortable and secure with your home environment. Vacuuming only does not reach deep down and today high end vacuums can be super pricey and still may not get the job done. Many just spread more fine particles to the area, which can be breathed in.

In one of our many certification classes, we witnessed a full one pound bag of sand disappear into a single square foot of carpet as a demonstration. That image has never left us nor has it ever ceased to amaze us when we see it in real life.

Our carpet cleaning equipment tackles even the dirtiest of carpets with hot water pressure, and extraction simultaneously to provide an excellent result. 

Once we get the dirt out we will sterilize and treat with the most effective and the safest products to ensure the deepest clean with the healthiest results.


You will be shocked at the results when we clean your carpets and you get to see clear water going into the machine and what it looks like when it comes out and what was secretly hiding in the carpet right under your feet. Let your kids play on the floor and worry not, there will be nothing left but clean soft carpet.

Invite us over for a free estimate and be amazed at what a clean carpet really looks, feels, and smells like.

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